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Reports and Articles on Environmental Justice




Dillard environmentalist receives national honor. The Times-Picayune (September 2009). Click HERE.



Time for New Type of EPA Regional Administrators by Robert Bullard for OpEdNews (September 2009). Click HERE.



Middle Tennessee rally links pollution and racism (September 2009). THE TENNESSEAN. Click HERE.



Landfill Lawsuits Continue By Erika Kurre for WZTV-TV. (September 2009). Click HERE.



A real-life example of the deadly mix of “wastes and race.” (September 2009). Click HERE.



Families who live near landfill say pollution contaminated their water wells, caused cancer. Associated Press (September 2009). Click HERE.



NAACP Hold Rally; Claims Toxic Well Poisoned Black Families. By (September 2009). Click HERE.



In Our Backyard: Environmental Racism in Dickson. By Michelle Chen for (September 2009). Click HERE.



Sept. 5 Labor Day “Call to End Toxic Racism” Rally in Dickson, Tennessee. By Robert Bullard for OpEdNews (August 2009). Click HERE.



Dumping in Dixie: TVA Toxic Spill Cleaned Up and Shipped to Alabama Blackbelt by Dr. Robert Bullard for OpEdNews (July 2009). Click HERE.




A Climate of Change: African Americans, Global Warming, and a Just Climate Policy for the U.S. Click HERE.



EPA sets tougher air-quality standards
(March 2008). Click HERE.



MLK and the struggle for environmental justice by Nuisance Industry for the Daily Kos (January 2008). Click HERE.




NBEJN Joins HBCUs to Expose Environmental Racism in Tennessee (December 2007). Click HERE.



The environmental justice braintrust: A dispatch from the Congressional Black Caucus conference. By Lauren Trevisan for (October 2007). Click HERE.



Standing on Principle: The Global Push for Environmental Justice by Luz Claudio in Environmental Health Perspectives (October 2007). Click HERE.



Black Mayors’ Judgment Clouded by Smog: The Air is Tough to Breathe. By Robert D. Bullard, (September 2007). Click HERE.



2007 Annual Urban Mobility Report. By the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University (September 2007). Click HERE.



The world's a dirty place when you are poor. By Diane Roberts, St. Petersburg Times (September 2007). Click HERE.



EPA smog proposal sparks debate over environmental justice. By Daniel Cusick, Greenwire (September 2007). Click HERE.



EPA Urged to Strengthen Ozone Standards to Protect the Most Vulnerable. By Robert D. Bullard for (September 2007). Click HERE.



American Lung Association State of Lung Disease in Diverse Communities: 2007 (August 2007). Click HERE.



HBCU Experts Call on Congress to Assist Minority Communities Near Toxic Waste Sites. By Charles Dervarics (August 2007). Click HERE.



Environmental racism takes Senate stage. By James Wright for AFRO News (August 2007). Click HERE.


NAACP Crisis Magazine Publishes Special EJ Issue, The NAACP’s Crisis Magazine devoted its July/August 2007 issue to “The Fight for Environmental Justice.” Click HERE.


No Black Plan for the Cities, Despite the Lessons of Katrina. By (May 2007). Click HERE.


Haya El Nasser and Paul Overberg, ”Nation’s Minority Numbers Top 10M,” USA Today (May 2007).Click HERE.


Mike Dunne, Study: Mostly minorities live near hazardous waste, The Advocate. (May 2007). Click HERE.


Legal Defense Fund, The Color of Environmental Deception (May 2007). Click HERE.


Scott Dyer, Fighting Environmental Racism, Diverse Online (May 2007). Click HERE.


American Lung Association, The State of the Air: 2007 Report (May 2007).  Click HERE.


U.S. EPA,  Environmental Justice Concerns and Communication Problems Complicated Cleaning Up Ringwood Mines/Landfill Site (April 2007). Click HERE.


Paul Orum, Toxic Trains and the Terrorist Threat: How Water Utilities Can Get Chlorine Gas Off the Rails and Out of American Communities (April 2007). Click HERE.


Associated Press, Texas Residents Object to Incinerator, (April 2007). Click HERE.


Cindy Skrzycki, Environmental Justice Stalled: Report Finds, The Washington Post (March 2007). Click HERE.


U.S. PIRG, Toxic Pollution and Health: An Analysis of Toxic Chemicals Released in Community Across the United States. (March 2007). Click HERE.


Lynne Duke, A Well of Pain, The Washington Post (March 2007). Click HERE.


EJ Scholars Complete New Toxic Wastes and Race at Twenty, 1987-2007: Grassroots Struggles to Dismantle Environmental Racism Report. Click HERE.


Three Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Reverse EPA Changes in Toxic Reporting Requirements. (February 2007). Click HERE.


Center for Justice, Tolerance, and Community, Still Toxic After All These Years: Air Quality and Environmental Justice in the San Francisco Bay Area. (February 2007). Click HERE.


Amanda Spake, Dying for a Home, The Nation. (February 2007). Click HERE. (Subscription Required).


U.S. EPA, EPA-Action Plan to Integrate Environmental Justice 2007, Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. (February 2007). Click HERE.


Aimee Cunningham, Disaster's Consequences: Hurricane's legacy includes arsenic, Science News Online. (February 2007). Click HERE.


Robert D. Bullard, LET THEM EAT DIRT: Will the "Mother of All Toxic Cleanups" Be Fair to All NOLA Neighborhoods, Even When Some Contamination Predates Katrina? (March 2006). Click HERE.


Rich Heffern, From landfills to freeways: Movement links ecology, justice, National Catholic Reporter. (June 2006). Click HERE.


Environmental Justice for All: Tour '06 Videos. (September 2006). Click HERE.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Inspector General, EPA Needs to Conduct Environmental Justice Reviews of Its Programs, Policies, and Activities. (September 2006). Click HERE.


NAACP, The Opportunity Agenda, and the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Housing in New Orleans: One Year After Katrina. (September 2006). Click HERE.


Bob Herbert, Poisoned in Eno, New York Times. (October 2006). Click HERE.


Robert D. Bullard, Dickson City and County (Tennessee) Settle Leaky Landfill Lawsuits with White Families (But Not with Black Family) Are White Lives Worth More Than Black Lives?, Environmental Justice Resource Center. (November 2006). Click HERE.


Charisse Jones, Activists use research to win pollution battles, USA TODAY. (December 2006). Click HERE.


Robert Gottlieb, Showdown at South Central Farm, The Next American City. (December 2006). Click HERE.


Robert Bullard, Wrong Complexion for Protection, The Next American City. (December 2006). Click HERE.




American Lung Association, Lung Disease Data in Culturally Diverse Communities. (February 2005). Click HERE.




Courtland Milloy, “A Fighter Tackles His Toughest Foe” Washington Post. March 2005). Click HERE.




Tom Costello, Surgeon General Targets Asthma ‘Epidemic,’ MSNBC. (July 2005). Click HERE.



David Pace, The Associated Press Writer, More Blacks Live With Pollution: AP Analysis of U.S. Research Shows Blacks More Likely to Live With Dangerous Pollution (December 2005). Click HERE.


Michael Gelobter et al., Soul of Environmentalism, Redefining Progress (2005). Click HERE.




Steven Bonorris, Environmental Justice for All: A Fifty-State Survey of Legislation, Policies, and Initiatives. (January 2004). Click HERE.



David Nakamura, “EPA Data on Water Purity Faulted,” Washington Post. (March 2004). Click HERE.



EPA Office of Inspector General, EPA EPA Needs to Consistently Implement the Intent of the Executive Order on Environmental Justice - Report No. 2004-P-00007. (March 2004). Click HERE.


Redefining Progress and Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc., African Americans And Climate Change: An Unequal Burden, (July, 2004). Click HERE.



National Black Environmental Justice Network: Opportunities for community-public health partnerships, APHA National Conference, Washington, DC. (November 2004). Click HERE.



National Academy of Public Administration, Addressing Community Concerns: How Environmental Justice Relates to Land Use Planning and Zoning. (July 2003). Click HERE.



U.S. Civil Right Commission Not in My Backyard: Executive Order 12,898 and Title VI as Tools for Achieving Environmental Justice (October 2003). Click HERE.


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