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Healthy & Safe Communities

7/9/2005 Speak Truth to Power – A Tribute to Community Hero Damu Smith
Nearly a thousand environmental justice, human rights, and peace activists, artists, and scholars from around the nation assembled in Howard University’s Cramton Auditorium in Washington, DC to pay tribute to community here Damu Smith. The four-hour event was moderated by actor Danny Glover and singer Bernice Johnson Reagon, Leader of African American a capella group Sweet Honey in the Rock. To download poster click HERE. To view full tribute program agenda click HERE.

7/1/2005 Healthy & Safe Communities Toolkit/Workshop
[will work up this section from the H&SC Program which was done in Publisher (will try and get Word files from DSCEJ) to make it look like this UM Race & Regionalism Conference]

6/30/2005 Source Water Protection
[will work up this section from the H&SC Program which was done in Publisher (will try and get Word files from DSCEJ) to make it look like this UM Race & Regionalism Conference]

NBEJN Participates in APHA Annual Conference
Linking Health Disparities and Environmental Justice: Promoting Community/Public Health Partnerships, Washington, DC. click HERE

9/18/2004 NBEJN Participates in Green Festival, Washington, DC click HERE

6/11/2004 NBEJN co-sponsored with DSCEJ and the EJRC celebration honoring Margie Richard (Concerned Citizens of Norco and NBEJN member) for winning the 2004 Goldman Prize (Margie was the first African American woman to win the prestigious award), New Orleans, LA. Click HERE to view the Goldman Prize: Press Room: Press Releases.

NBEJN Joins Fight to Improve Air in Louisville’s Rubbertown Community. Click HERE

5/27/2004 NBEJN conducted “Building Just and Healthy Communities Workshop,” at Conference of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU), Community Action and Response Against Toxics (CARAT) Team, Atlanta, GA.

4/26/2004 NBEJN Participates in Partners for Children’s Health Conference, Baltimore, MD. Click HERE

2/26/2004 District Residents and National Health Advocates Demand Emergency Action on D.C. Lead-in-Tap-Water Crisis, Washington, DC.

Sustainable Development, Climate Justice, and Clean Production

5/27/2005 NBEJN member organizations conducted workshops at the Conference of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU), Community Action and Response Against Toxics (CARAT) Team, Phoenix, AZ. Click HERE to view Coalition of Black Trade Unionists Webcast.

4/7/2005 NBEJN Co-Sponsors with Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice a Health and Environment Conference, Dearborn, MI.

9/24/2004 NBEJN leads workshop at the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice Clean and Just Production Roundtable, New Orleans, LA. Click HERE

9/18/2004 NBEJN Participates in Climate Crisis Coalition Midnight Vigil, Washington, DC. Click HERE

7/30/2004 NBEJN Activists Take Up Pollution Fight: Forum Focuses on West Louisville, KY. NBEJN leaders from around the country joined Rev. Louis Coleman and the Environmental Justice Center to discuss strategies to deal with environmental pollution in the African American community. Click HERE

6/12/2004 NBEJN Participates in DSCEJ Clean Production Green Commission and Conference, New Orleans, LA. Click HERE

1/28/2002 NBEJN Joins EJCC Member Groups at Press Briefing Calling for Action on Climate Change, Washington, DC.

11/21/2000 INBEEJCC Members Participate in Climate Change Meeting in the Hague, Netherlands. Click HERE

Civil Rights and Equal Protection

2/6/2005 NBEJN Member Organizations Participate in the “Future of Transportation” Conference,” held in Los Angeles, CA, and network with groups from around the country that are fighting transportation racism. Click HERE

10/28/2002 NBEJN Members Help Plan Environmental Justice Summit II
Environmental justice leaders convened the Second National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit (Summit II) in Washington, DC. Over 1,200 delegates from grassroots and community based organizations, faith-based groups, organized labor, civil rights, youth, and academic institutions made their way to the nation's capital to participate in the historic gathering. To view the news article click HERE. For EJ Summit II Workshop Summaries click HERE. To view EJ Summit II Photo Essay, click HERE

9/18/2000 Grassroots Groups Hold National Rally at 2000 CBC Conference. Click HERE

9/18/2000 Mossville resident, Pat Hartman, traveled to Washington, DC to participate in a national environmental justice rally during the 30th annual Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference.
As a member of Mossville Environmental Action Now, Inc. and Concerned Citizens of Mossville, Ms. Hartman joined African American citizens from around the country in demanding an end to the toxic pollution that is threatening the health of children and communities. People gathered at the rally wore signs and signed petitions in support of several environmental justice issues. One message worn by several participants read, "Our Children Should Breathe, Not Wheeze!" Click HERE

4/10/2000 "Days of Outrage and Action" in Memphis Photo Highlights April 1-3, 2000 Click HERE

3/29/2000 "Days of Outrage and Action" in Memphis to Expose Health Crisis of Children and Communities of Color Living Near Contaminated Federal Facilities. The newly formed Interim National Black Environmental and Economic Justice Coordinating Committee (INBEEJCC) and the National People of Color and Disenfranchised Communities Environmental Health Network (NPOC/DCEHN) will join forces with local groups including the Memphis affiliate of the National Congress of Black Churches, the Defense Depot of Memphis Tennessee Concerned Citizens Committee, and Youth Terminating Pollution for three days of activities entitled, "Days of Outrage and Action Against Environmental Racism." Click HERE

1/15/2000 End Toxic Terror in Black Communities: National Black Environmental Group Declares State of Emergency on Environmental Racism and Economic Injustice. Click HERE

1/13/2000 Black Victims of Toxic Exposure and Policy Experts to Declare a National State of Emergency on Environmental Racism and Economic Justice. Click HERE

12/12/1999 Blacks Hold Emergency Meeting to Demand an End to Environmental Racism and Economic Injustice. Click HERE

International Human Rights Protection

6/1/2005 NBEJN Participates in World Environment Day, Social Equity Track, San Francisco, CA. The WED Social Equity Track was organized by the Oakland-based Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Click HERE

8/27/2002 NBEJN and South African Environmental Justice Networking Forum Call for Environmental Reparations at World Summit, Johannesburg, South Africa. Click HERE

6/7/2002 NBEJN Delegation Travels to Bali for WSSD Prepcom IV – Bali, Indonesia Click HERE

8/29/2001 NBEJN and Others Call for End to Environmental Racism - WCAR. Click HERE

9/04/2001 NBEJN Joins Delegation of African Americans Civil Rights and Human Rights Groups at World Conference Against Racism Click HERE

NBEJN has continued to build and strengthen international solidarity among groups affected by environmental racism. At the United Nations World Conference Against Racism (“WCAR”), the National Black Environmental Justice Network, along with people of color organizations in Africa, the United States, Asia, Europe, South America, and island nations worked together to draft a Declaration and Program of Action on Environmental Racism that was fully adopted by the WCAR NGO Forum in its Declaration and Program of Action. The official government Plan of Action also contains language that we, and members of the environmental caucus, lobbied to get in. Members of the National Black Environmental Justice Network submitted reports and presented interventions before the United Nations Commission on Human Rights that bring attention to environmental racism in the United States as a human rights violation and recommend actions for remediation.

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